South Australia Floods

@PhillyD the flooding and entire state blackout in South Australia... Towns without power for days. Massive flooding. @John_Gawler 6:55 AM - 3 Oct 2016

if you can please help south australia they got no power due to flooding, please giive to red cross in australia @worldsfriend 3:18 PM - 2 Oct 2016

@JohnScarce I have a story for you, the entire state of south Australia lost power for 2 days and most of the state had mass flooding. @ChillsquadYT 3:13 AM - 2 Oct 2016

Flooding in South Australia as rivers burst banks @ShondaBrayden 9:36 PM - 1 Oct 2016

20 Towers collapsed. Flooding. Strong winds. Power outages. Condolences SA. @MeckeringBoy 7:19 AM - 28 Sep 2016

I'm waiting for @abcnews to start blaming renewable energy for the South Australia flooding! #adelaidestorm #auspol @MorphyMagic 12:25 PM - 29 Sep 2016

@Puffman180 set for biggest storm in decades, flooding and damaging wind warnings, and still more concerned about this match. Priorities @Adam91T 12:35 AM - 27 Sep 2016

OMG I hope we don't have flooding like they have in South Australia yay... @MrsBrownNo3 1:09 PM - 14 Sep 2016

@HuffPostAU Have you lot reported the flooding in South Australia yet? no? Thought not, you just don't care. @EvAUFCCROWS 6:17 AM - 14 Sep 2016

There is flooding all around Adelaide and South Australia. Luckily I'm safe and dry but it's crazy out there! @RyanWalterADL 1:27 AM - 14 Sep 2016

Well looks like we may get some flooding here in South Australia. Fortunately I have plenty of beer, and can swim intoxicated :D @JasonGroothuis 8:01 PM - 26 May 2016

South Australia faces heavy rain, possible flooding over week. Oh bugger! We'll just have to suffer... Sigh @Willydhunt 5:10 AM - 6 May 2016

Apparently there is a lot of flooding in South Australia. Dentist said a few people couldn't make it due to floods. @KelAnne_ 8:12 PM - 1 Feb 2016

@portsmouthnews -well, out here in South Australia we had to abandon our lawn bowls match due to heavy Spring rains flooding the greens @dendog43 10:05 PM - 3 Nov 2015

This morning was warm and sunny. Now flooding, thunderstorms, and even a tornado. Welcome to spring in South Australia. #TropicClimateOnTour @reggie_alonso 7:22 PM - 3 Nov 2015

Storms bring down trees and power lines in South Australia and cause localised flooding in Adelaide. @AJEWeather 10:43 PM - 26 May 2016

A ghostly "ephemeral lake" in South Australia emerges with sparse rainfall, massive flooding in Taiwan from Typhoon Morakot this week. @NASA_ebooks 4:10 PM - 9 Jul 2015

@kaimatai South Australia has just had some massive storms. 120 kmhr wind. 'Serious flash flooding'. Large hail. 170,000 lightning strikes. @My_Oath 6:08 PM - 3 Nov 2015

Country South Australia braces for round two after flash flooding, hail and even a tornado. #TenNews @Sandra_Sully 8:19 PM - 3 Nov 2015

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Stan causes flooding in parts of South Australia. @AJEWeather 10:39 PM - 1 Feb 2016

Not ideal laundry weather: South Australia is bracing for thunderstorms, heavy rain and possible flash flooding today. #Adelaide #Advertiser @FaerieKitteh 11:46 AM - 8 Mar 2016

#jobs #South Australia #South Australian farmers cash in with organic produce after flooding rains @cachejobscom 7:50 PM - 10 Apr 2016

Drivers tackle heavy flooding in Port Noarlunga SA South Australia @syedtalhahussan 7:09 PM - 9 May 2016

Quite a lot of flooding here in South Australia overnight. (Including inside my car which has taken on more water... @theswashbuckler 7:30 PM - 9 May 2016

Adelaide is poised to smash its May rainfall average as the city braces for further heavy rain. @CLIMATECHANGE8 10:49 PM - 26 May 2016

Wild weather lashes South Australia; flooding roads, bringing down trees and cancelling ferries @michael99J 1:13 PM - 9 May 2016

@bbctennis @Martina @BBCOne It's snowing is South Australia and flooding, as Martina knows, very rare to snow here. #saweather @Rebelstorm 3:33 AM - 4 Jul 2016

@7tennis @Wimbledon @bbctennis I think you sent all the rain to South Australia,flooding, snowing which is rare and nasty. #Wimbledon @Rebelstorm 3:50 AM - 4 Jul 2016