Brisbane and south-east Queensland battered by hailstones in huge storm

#hail storm in Brisbane. The aftermath of the storm. #storm season @BourneNatural 2:26 AM - 8 Nov 2016

Hey lovers, Storms are heading to Brisbane. Stay safe #storm #brisbane #hail #galeforcewinds #rain #thunder... @samirawyld 10:48 PM - 7 Nov 2016

Wow!!! Parts of Western greater Brisbane got nailed by hail this afternoon. @ozcyclonechaser 10:40 PM - 7 Nov 2016

@tennewsqld north of brisbane merge southeast warning wind hail power outage sunshine coast lost power @Catheri60340235 10:36 PM - 7 Nov 2016

Storms coming Brisbane! 5cm hail stones have already hit. Time to batten down the hatches ! @LarissaBartolo 10:22 PM - 7 Nov 2016

Brisbane Ducatisti, the weather is rolling in like a poorly tuned Harley. Hail expected. Ride safe! @DOCQnews 10:20 PM - 7 Nov 2016

Take a look at the size of this hail #brisbane #bnestorm secure your #building folks @Officerefurbs 10:10 PM - 7 Nov 2016

@tennewsqld storms 2 cells stormset brisbane 90km winds large hail warnings out take care on the roads and .ore lTer in bulletin @Catheri60540235 10:03 PM - 7 Nov 2016

North Brisbane, brace yourselves, hail is coming. @RenatoWasHere 9:49 PM - 7 Nov 2016

Hail. Noo. My car seems to be alright. Still crazy thunder though? #Brisbane #bigwet @Cilllah 9:45 PM - 7 Nov 2016

Batten down the hatches Brisbane we are in for a rough ride #bnestorm #hail @tanlou68 9:42 PM - 7 Nov 2016

A storm is coming to Brisbane. It's gonna hit! Possibly hail! @PostgradBrissie 9:31 PM - 7 Nov 2016

Secured my under cover car park for the first big hail/thunder storm of the season #brisbane #weather #hailvscar @EliseGane 8:53 PM - 7 Nov 2016

Brisbane friends, there is a severe thunderstorm warning with hail. Stay safe x @melkettle 8:43 PM - 7 Nov 2016

Severe thunderstorms impacting Western #Brisbane right now. Hail over 2cm has been observed! Latest updates @SkyWeatherAUS @sammychiari 8:31 PM - 7 Nov 2016

Wow that was pretty wild!!! Look out Brisbane it's heading your way, #hail @BwR73 8:22 PM - 7 Nov 2016

I purchased a hail cover for my car. Bring it on Brisbane. @juliebryan57 6:11 PM - 7 Nov 2016