Dramatic videos show flash flooding in Pretoria

ALERT: Serious #FLOODING reported in the East Rand & parts of Pretoria. Take care if in those areas. @tWeatherSA 5:28 AM - 7 Nov 2016

All these tweets about the flooding in Pretoria and Joburg and I haven't seen any rain today #indoorsKids @GtStevenson11:10 AM - 7 Nov 2016

Holy moly. Some heavy flooding today after heavy isolated downpours in Silverlakes in Pretoria, South Africa. @tepletta 9:36 AM - 7 Nov 2016

Flooding in Pretoria east, Hazeldean..Who's there? @PoundSA 3:08 AM - 7 Nov 2016

Downpours moving through GP, maybe associated by the heat 'island' centres of JHB/Pretoria? @SevereWx_SA slow moving->urban flooding reports @storm_sa 4:13 AM - 7 Nov 2016

Guys please be safe Adverse weather conditions expected again in JHB/PTA from 16:00 onwards with possible flash floods in Pretoria @RebekahKekana 3:42 AM - 11 Nov 2016

When you see tornadoes and floods in Joburg and your start thinking... "What if Pretoria's the promised land?” @LrdPrettyFranco 9:33 PM - 14 Nov 2016

Thunderstorms and flash floods are predicted for Pretoria during the weekend. Saudi citizens are kindly requested to take extra care . @KSAembassyza 1:17 AM - 11 Nov 2016

Paddle Power Rafting Retweeted Pat Pughe-Parry #Floods results of rain in Joburg and Pretoria. If you fancy an exciting #rafting trip. Strong swimmers only @paddlepowerraft 8:07 PM - 10 Nov 2016

Would it be safe to drive from #Pretoria to #Johannesburg on Saturday ? These rains and #floods are worrying. @tWeatherSA @SAWeatherServic @lindiebee 2:45 PM - 10 Nov 2016

I know we prayed for rain to break the drought, but I didn't expect everything all at once. #Pretoria #Storm #Floods #thunderstorm @ToxxiCat 2:21 PM - 10 Nov 2016

Hope Pretoria don't wake up to floods, this rain looks a bit scary through a window @Siya_TB 2:12 PM - 10 Nov 2016

Pretoria rain... Floods... Where are the homeless To go? @KeNnaMina 2:10 PM - 10 Nov 2016

It's actually raining in Pretoria something that never happens it usually sprinkles like a sneeze. Thank God for rain No floods wl prevail @Call_Me_Chinah 2:09 PM - 10 Nov 2016

Next thing you know there's floods in Pretoria aiy plus kgale kesa swimi @TheRealVinte 2:07 PM - 10 Nov 2016

The thunderstorm that we've just experienced in Pretoria East was hell. LNB cable from the communal dish struck by lighting again #floods @PrudyOBusisiwe 9:45 AM - 10 Nov 2016