Japanese road reopens one week after vast sinkhole appeared

Japan Sinkhole: Street Collapse Is Already Repaired @Bigtzee 5:38 AM - 16 Nov 2016

Uh ho... first Japan, now Hastings. A sink hole has appeared outside the pub... #sinkhole #pub @CrownHastings 5:38 AM - 16 Nov 2016

Traffic is moving once again after this massive sinkhole in Japan was repaired… @hamidtazaghrt 5:38 AM - 16 Nov 2016

Busy road in Fukuoka, Japan, reopens just a week after it was wrecked by gigantic sinkhole @eemmaa48851 5:38 AM - 16 Nov 2016

It disappeared almost as quickly as it happened. A giant sinkhole in Japan was repaired in a matter of days @nlitenmebabe 5:36 AM - 16 Nov 2016

They know how to deal with potholes in Japan - Japanese road reopens one week after vast sinkhole appeared @IanMiddletonX 5:35 AM - 16 Nov 2016

Japan can fix a giant sinkhole in one week, yet it takes our council workers 6 months to re-surface a path. @AaronGallow 5:34 AM - 16 Nov 2016

#amazing #recovery #japan #road #sinkhole BBC News - Japan mends giant sinkhole in a Fukuoka road within a week @jerusalemohkawa 5:30 AM - 16 Nov 2016

Remember That Enormous Sinkhole In Japan? This Is What It Looks Like Now @chrswolters 5:29 AM - 16 Nov 2016

Never thought it can happen. How can u fix a 49ft deep sinkhole in a week? We can't even fix road hole unless it's election time. #Japan @peacheshonestly 5:24 AM - 16 Nov 2016

Japan fixed a sinkhole in a week yet in Kenya folk tired of potholes had to plant bananas in them @OderoAlulu 5:21 AM - 16 Nov 2016

Great learning from efficient Japanese #engineering: a giant sinkhole in Japan filled within a few days. @AnilRaiGupta 5:14 AM - 16 Nov 2016

wonder if Japan is able to fix the giant sinkhole which is my life in two days lol @ElaineDaPain69 5:11 AM - 16 Nov 2016

malaking sinkhole sa japan, naayos in less than a week… @ResidentPatriot 5:04 AM - 16 Nov 2016

Japan’s giant sinkhole repaired in 8 days #construction #asphalt #paving @AnthonyDavis25 4:59 AM - 16 Nov 2016

The 30 meter sinkhole In Japan was fixed in 2 days and yet I'm pretty sure there are Biblical passages depicting construction work on the 75 @Wildchild911105 4:58 AM - 16 Nov 2016